Xavier D. Buendia
Food & Portrait Photographer Brighton-London

Hi, I'm Xavier

I'm a photographer based in Brighton, and often on the road too. I make beautiful photos with an oompf that help people and their businesses connect, engage and inspire. 

After years working in the food industry, first training as a chef and then making a career as a sommelier, I decided to take my passion for food and combine it with my life-long interest in photography. Since 2012 I've been using my camera as a tool to express my creativity and help brands and businesses create the photo-libraries that they always wanted.

I'm not just mad about food but also about other areas of photography like portraiture, fashion and reportage and I'm a huge fan of fine art and design. I love to use natural light to create my images so I think combining these interests makes my style more exciting and fun. I'm always learning new ways to improve my craft.

My style focuses on the food and the people preparing it, my ultimate goal is to make people hungry.

If you have a project in mind, I'd love to hear about it and work with you! Get in touch


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