Yo Soy la Luz (I am the Light)

2016 - Ongoing

Medieval architects who built temples were conscious about the ability of light to produce beauty.
They sought this metaphysical understanding of the use of light for aesthetic, philosophical and
spiritual effects. 
These effects of light and beauty produce emotion therefore they were an aid to
further the love of God.

In this project I explore these metaphysical understandings and the effects of light and beauty in our culture using a modern temple as the conductor medium of expression and projection of these
effects. The Basilica and Expiatory Temple of the Sacred Family in Barcelona, the Sagrada Familia.
Through sporadic visits every year, I spend a few hours as a visitor and observe the changes in the
light and it’s effects within the temple as well as in visitors. This is a spiritual exploration with no
religious intention that invites the viewer to stop and contemplate these images for a long period of

time while listening to THIS playlist and admire the beauty of light and colour.

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